Candle Care

How to care for your candle:

Trim the Wick:

Trim the wick to approximately 1/4 inch before each use.

Use a wick trimmer for a clean cut, preventing excessive smoke and soot.

First Burn:

Allow the candle to burn until the entire surface becomes a pool of melted wax on the first use.

This prevents tunneling and promotes an even burn in subsequent uses.

Burn Time:

Limit each burning session to 3-4 hours to prevent overheating and ensure an even burn.

Avoid burning the candle for too short a time, as this may cause tunneling.

Avoid Drafts:

Place the candle away from drafts to ensure an even burn and prevent uneven melting.

Snuff, Don't Blow:

Use a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame instead of blowing it out.

This minimizes smoke and prevents hot wax from splattering.